Tequila Tristan

Captain Bligh XO Special Reserve Rum

Tequila Tristan Story


The sun sets in Poncitlán, a small rural town in Jalisco, two young men have gathered with a bottle of tequila around a wooden table on the porch of a ranch. Worn out shirts, dirty jeans, muddy boots. What an incredible feeling for two cousins used to a hectic city life. That was the moment when Juan de la Mora Ramirez and Tristram Borgmann Arias decided to create their own Tequila Brand and stay in this breath taking environment. It was the beginning of a fascinating adventure

From the very beginning since we launched Tequila Tristan - our Leitmotiv has been:  A Different TequilaApproach! 

Why is our Tequila Approach different to other Tequila brands?


Most Tequila brands are focused on volume, on selling millions of cases every year. Their aim is to create a mainstream product for the masses. Tequila Brands which you can find in any corner around the world, Duty Free and supermarkets.  Tequila Tristan’s aim is to create a high quality product, small batch distillation and limited releases